Credit: TIME Magazine

There’s something oddly familiar about this.

For much of my adult life, I have been collecting old photographs of the so-called “little blacks” of Asia.

Satun Woman and Child, Satun province, Ban Doan Village, S. Thailand. Photo: Brandt, John H (1961–1968). Source: Brandt Image Collection, Keene State College. Mason Library, Orang Asli Archive.

In Honor of 80-Plus Years of Hip-Hop Music?

Ya really gotta collect ’em all.

Thoughts on the Black Madonna iconography of medieval Europe

Credit: Wellcome Gallery

A brief note on Pablo Casal’s infinitely noteworthy “Nigra Sum.”

Composite Illustration by Paco Taylor (STP Design)

Nearly everything I wanted to learn about anthropology was influenced by the giant monster movies of Japan.

Credit: Soul Hug | Facebook

The deeply embracing piano music of Soul Hug

Credit: Funimation

A sad but true Hollywood story.

Credit: ウィキ太郎 (Wiki Taro) • Wikimedia Commons

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