Martial Arts Movie Stars Bruce Lee & Jim Kelly Wore Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers

But did Lee actually wear these iconic shoes on screen in ‘Game of Death?’

Composite illustration by STP Design (Paco Taylor)
Bruce Lee in ‘Game of Death’ • Credit: Warner Bros.
Credit: Warner Bros.

Sincerest form of flattery

Uma Thurman in ‘Kill Bill 2’ • Credit: Miramax Pictures

Going out in style

One single shoe and two complete pairs of sneakers once owned by Bruce Lee. The shoe models include the Onitsuka Tiger Limber Up (left), the Mexico 66 (right), and the Tiger Corsair (bottom). In 2013, the Limber Up and the Tiger Corsair sneakers sold through auction house Nate D. Sanders for $21,899 and $6,336, respectively. In 2014, Lee’s Mexico 66 sneakers sold through Julien’s Auctions for $12,160. • Image credits: Warner Bros, &
Robert “O’hara” Wall, Linda Lee and Bruce Lee on the set of ‘Enter the Dragon.’ • Credit: Warner Bros.
Jim Kelly in fight scene from Enter the Dragon, promotional lobby card 73/268 • Credit: Warner Bros.
“‘What’s your style?” “My style…? I call it ‘the art of biting without biting.’” • Credit: Warner Bros.
Rare photograph posted with several others to Medium from the Lee Family archives. In this workout pic from the mid-1960s, Lee wears a then contemporary Onitsuka sneaker design, quite possibly the 1966 Marup Clarino, which is no longer produced. • Image credit: Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC

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